Saint Thomas Mount is the glory and cradle of the Indian Church. It is here that St. Thomas one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus died as a martyr in circa 72 AD. Ever since it has been the reference point of Christian existence and identity in this country, dating back to the first century. This place gained further importance with the arrival of the Portuguese and the English East India Company. The ancient Church on top of St. Thomas Mount had been an important land mark to the mariners for more than 400 years.

This Church has been in undisturbed possession of the Church for many centuries. In 1600 this Mount was called Monte de Nossa Senhora or Mount of Our Lady by the Bishop of Cochin Dom Frey Andre de Santa Maria. It was also called Monte Grande (Great Mount). This hill was a special grant to the Church by the King of Bisnagar (Vijayanagar). In Telugu they called it Fringy Condah and this became Fringi malai.

In 1523 Diego Fernandez built a small oratory over the foundations of a very ancient Church and already at that time this Church on top of the hill was a center of pilgrimage. Because of the increasing number of pilgrims Fr. Gasper Coelho the Vicar of San Thome built a bigger Church and dedicated it to Our Lady of Mount and later to Our Lady of Expectation. This Church suffered damages because of the invasions of Hyder Ali. This Hill Church has always been the official Parish Church.

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